Listening to Disney music, really hoping to go next month. It’s like a 99% chance so yay, one more official yes and I buy party tickets. 

Ordered new business cards. They’re pretty cool, I wanted something new. Put a Disney quote on the back haha that way people know I do make Disney inspired merchandise. I wanted something to send to people in other states because they don’t necessarily need my photography business info ha. 

Also trying to get by without thinking about certain people contently. I got caught up in something I did not expect or see coming and kind of got dropped off hard about it.

Feels kind of like jumping out of a moving car and having the person drive off like nothing changed. 

But time passes on and I have good things to look forward to and many new adventures to have this winter. I really want to travel north for a bit or really look for a job I want; and what I want is a job on a cruise ship type thing so I can travel. I would love something that goes to different countries but even across this country would be great (Alaska, Florida, etc.) SOMETHING! I just need out and away. As much as I know I’ll miss the support of my mother..

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Blind Eyes by Jennifer Kelly Hoskins

Shenny (USA) by Mike Hathenbruck || Website
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Richard Nowitz
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